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NewGold Price To Rise Above $20

NewGold token will be launched at a centralised exchange today (CoinsBit). When Bitcoin was launched years ago, the price of 1 Bitcoin was less than $1 USD when it was launched years ago, but today it’s about $40,000 USD. Those investors who bought it early during those years became wealthy. Today is the launch of another Bitcoin alternative called NewGold Token. The current price is about $24 USD today but it is very likely to rise to $100 USD today at the exchange once it is launched and it could hit $1000 USD within the next few weeks.NewGold will become one of the most expensive Cryptocurrencies in the world. The price of 1 NewGold is projected to hit $5,000 USD this year and also projected to rise to over $1,000,000 within the next 3 years. NewGold Team have the roadmap and strategy to achieve that. Becoming the most expensive cryptocurrency by reaching the goal of $1,000,000 USD is achievable because; they created only 10,000 tokens as the total coin supply, this strategy will make it scarce, valuable and expensive. Through aggressive and massive marketing, millions of users will join to use these limited tokens, which will create a very high demand. More to that, 49% of the tokens are already locked at Dex for 4 years, this will further build scarcity and value into the very fabric of NewGold. This strategy will remove or reduce dumping drastically. The NewGold Team will encourage staking. The total coin market capitalisation that is needed to reach this target of $1,000,000 USD for the price of 1 NewGold is $10,000,000 USD.  This liquidity should be reached within the coming years. This is its utility: NewGold was created to act as a digital payment gateway in our upcoming video social media app. Users of our social media app from 120 countries will use the token. This will make both the app and token project to be durable for decades. The app will be launched in a few months from now.NewGold tokens, created on the Binance Smart Chain Network (Bep20), are set to revolutionize the market with a good return on investment. They had a successful presale recently, and trading is running at Pancakeswap currently. NewGold is a new door to wealth and it’s an upcoming most expensive cryptocurrency in the near future. Please take advantage of this opportunity to buy as many as you can today. You could buy 10, 100, 500 or 1000 newG (10%) or,  ensure you have at least 1 NewGold token now. This is the best time to buy at the cheapest price. You can buy NewG today at $24 before the price might rise to $100 or more at Coinsbit Exchange today. If you missed to buy Bitcoin cheap years ago, please do not miss to buy large quantities of NewGold today. This is a door of wealth.To have some NewGold, visit pancakeswap exchange and connect your wallet, then add contract address 0x4296f7abE47B9BF5EeA4DEa813C7d59F0401363A and to pay to have them immediately.For further information visit the website or contact the NewGold team;WEBSITE: https://NewGold.AppTELEGRAM:

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